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UHMWPE-steel composite floating pipe

UHMWPE steel composite floating pipe:

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•UHMWPE-steel composite pipe also named high wear resistant PE-steel composite pipe, it is combined by carbon steel pipeline and UHMWPE pipeline through special technical method, and the diameter of the composite pipe is available from DN200~DN1200.

The UHMWPE -steel composite pipeline is combined from steel pipeline and UHMWPE pipeline .

Steel pipeline: Q235 or as client's request;

UHMWPE pipe: Raw material is UHMWPE(Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethane), UHMWPE usually refers to the linear polyethylene with a viscosity average molecular weight more than 1.5 million Dalton.With at least 3~5 times higher of molecular weight than HDPE, the UHMWPE materials have better performances of excellent wear resistance, lower temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, self lubrication, anti-impact. The wear resistance is the beast among plastics, and  it can work under -110℃ to 70℃for a long time.

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Main Chemical property of UHMWPE: 

Velocity Average Molecular Weightg/mol
ASTM D4020
2.0 million
Tensile Strength(Mpa)
Break Elongation%
Charpy Impact test with double gapsKJ/m2
Shore HardnessD
ASTM D2240
Melting Point(℃)
ASTM D3418

Production method of the UHMWPE-steel composite floating pipe: 

Outer layer of the composite pipe is a steel pipe with steel flange, inner layer is UHMWPE pipe, inner UHMWPE pipe at both ends should be 60mm longer than steel pipe. Then flange the inner UHMWPE pipe, with this UHMWPE flange, the UHMWPE pipeline and steel pipeline can be plying-up very well, and it also increases the strength of the two side connection part. There is a sealing face on the UHMWPE flange to protect the pipeline from leakage.

Benefits of the UHMWPE -steel composite floating pipe:

1, Bear high pressure, the UHMWPE -steel composite pipe can bear pressure from 5~8 Mpa.

2,High wear resistant ability, amoung all the plastic materials, UHMWPE is the best one for wear resistant ability, cause its average molecular weight is above 1.5million, while the HDPE material is only 0.3~0.5 million, and by test the UHMWPE pipeline is 4 times wear resistant than HDPE pipeline.By lining the UHMWPE pipeline in side the steel pipe, which can increse 6 times wear resistant ability.

3,Low water resistant, low friction coefficient, non scaling, save fuel engine cost, because the roughness of the UHMWPE pipeline is only 0.00022, while HDPE is 0.01 and steel is 0.1. By lining the UHMWPE Pipeline inside the steel pipeline, the whole pipeline will save at least 20% fuel engine cost.

4.Anti corrosion, the inner UHMWPE pipe with very stable chemical property, it is anti corrosion from strong acid, alkali, salt, water, sewage, soil corrosion, which increase the using life of the whole pipeline perfectly.

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