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Rubber pipe for floating pipe

Rubber pipe for floating pipe

1. Summary of wear-resistant rubber-lined hose


Rubber hose for slurry transfer is a composite of multi-layer rubber, steel wire skeleton and non-metal reinforcement layers through special process. Its innermost wear layer is made of premium natural rubber latex treated with nano formula and liquid-phase technology, which enables it to resist slurry abrasion. The flexible stainless steel wire skeleton not only maintains the characteristics of rubber hose, but also protects it from collapse because of  destructive load. The reinforcement layers that bear static pressure of fluids are compounded of high strength cord fabric.


2. Applications of rubber hose


Our rubber hose is mainly applied in mines, such as slurry process pipeline, tailings transfer/discharge pipeline, corrosive media transfer in non-ferrous metal smelting, transfer of pulverized coal and CWS, backfilling and filling pipeline for underground mined-out area. It is also applicable for long-distance/gathering pipeline for land/beach oil delivery and reinjection, power plant process water/backwater delivery and residue transfer, transfer of corrosive media such as brine water, salt slurry and crude salt that contain granules in acid, alkali and salt chemical industry as well as silt transfer in dredging engineering for river, lake, port and wharf.



3. Typical customer reference


(1). Dexing Copper Mine, Jiangxi Copper Group   DN450


(2). Olmaliq Copper Mine, Uzbekistan               DN500


(3). Erdenet Copper Mine, Mongolia                  DN600


More information on the rubber pipe, please feel free to contact , mobile number: 8618963565160, viber/wechat: 8615224285781 skype/wechat:cocoonline2

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